WebDAV Protocol Deprecation Delayed – Status Update


  1. The entry below(‘Summary and thereafter’) will become obsolete as will WebDAV access effective Sept 1, 2009.  On June 2, 2009 Microsoft announced that WebDAV would finally cease to function(effective Sept 1, 2009).
  2. For options that should be done prior to the Sept 1, 2009 WebDAV retirement see –> Changes for Accessing Hotmail using the WebDAV Protocol
  3. Microsoft notifications can be found here

“Important info if you access Hotmail using Outlook, Outlook Express, or Entourage”


 “Continuing DAV protocol retirement”  

  • You may also have received notification via an email if your Hotmail account(hotmail.com or msn.com) was using the WebDAV protocol.


Summary:   The content below is only being made available for archival purposes.

  • Microsoft announces delay/postponement of previously scheduled transition deadline(June 30th, 2008) for accessing Hotmail accounts using the WebDAV protocol in Outlook Express and Outlook(03/07)

 More Information:

Compliments of the Windows Live Mail Support Team on May 5th, 2008

Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support Blog: Responding to Customer Feedback – Disabling DAV

Note: The above notification(May 5th, 2008) postpones this prior notice(April 17th) about disabling the WebDAV protocol


Http servers(see below) supporting the WebDAV protocol in Outlook Express and Outlook(2003/2007) for Hotmail.com and Msn.com accounts when configured for sending/retrieving will continue to function after June 30th, 2008 and until notified otherwise.


Http Servers Capable of Accessing the WebDAV protocol

Account Type/Domain Server Name
MSN.COM http://oe.msn.msnmail.hotmail.com/cgi-bin/hmdata
HOTMAIL.COM http://services.msn.com/svcs/hotmail/httpmail.asp



May 5, 2008:  Original Published Date

May 8, 2008:  Added Link on original notification(now delayed) regarding disabling WebDAV protocol 

May 24, 2008:  Windows Live Tags added

July 21, 2009: Updated to reflect (a) WebDAV retirement/deprecation effective Sept 1, 2009 and (b) blog entry previous content obsolescence

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