Windows Live Mail Fails to Shutdown Properly


Windows Live Mail(WLM) may fail to shutdown properly due to its program file(wlmail.exe) remaining resident after closing/exiting thus requiring user termination by use of the Windows Task Manager End Process option.

More Information:

A failed shutdown may be noticeable by an inability to re-open WLM for subsequent use


1. Ensure ‘Upload Larger Images to the Web When Sending a Photo E-mail’ is checked in WLM’s configuration setting:

  • Tools/Options/Send

– This option is only available when signed into WLM with a Windows Live ID


This type of failed shutdown may reappear if a new compose window or a draft message has been opened, even when closed without further editing, saving or sending.  If so, then disable the ‘Upload Larger Image’ option(Uncheck/Click Apply) then re-enable(Check/Click Apply)


July 31, 2008: Original Published Date

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