Windows Live to Discontinue


Effective March 15, 2010 the Windows Live Platform will discontinue use of and access to

Users of will be temporarily redirected to My MSN ( eventually the redirect will fail yielding a ‘Page Not Found’ or ‘Cannot Display’ error (editor note Jan 2011 – redirect now fails)

Settings, Feeds, Gadgets/Modules will ***not*** be migrated to My MSN


While still available to see the notification use your browser to navigate to

Here’s the same notice in text form


Thank you for using On March 15, 2010, will be discontinued and all users redirected to My MSN. Please note that your settings, feeds and gadgets will not be migrated to MyMSN. To make MyMSN your homepage today, click here.



The most noticeable differences will be:

1. Advertisements – MyMSN has ‘ads’,  unlike which does/did not
– An MSN Premium primary member account or member sub-account(created by the primary) is capable of an ad free MyMSN page

2. Different MyMSN modules(text and graphic) are available for customizing the page
– Modules on were referred to as ‘Gadgets’

3. RSS Feeds Modules always show the first feed line item entry with contents expanded(thanks to LarryB. for pointing this out)

4. One can have up to five pages on My MSN ( permitted many more – as a test I added 15)

5. Some common and different navigational links at the top of the page (see below graphics)

–  i.e. Links to Hotmail and MSN remain;  though Home( are removed

    • My Live Links:

  • MY MSN Links:


January 26, 2010: Original Publish Date

January 28, 2010: Updated Comments section(Module vs Gadgets, Feeds, and Maximum pages allowed)

January 29, 2010: Excluded Hotmail Plus account and replaced with Msn Premium primary or secondary account(s) as a requirement for an ad-free page

January 15, 2011: Updated to reflect failure of redirection from

January 29, 2012:  Removed defunct Tags, Added new Tags

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