Hotmail and MSN Accounts POP3/SMTP Access



  • Pop3/Smtp configurations settings for Windows Live Mail, Outlook 2003/2007/2010, iPhone, iPod Touch, Vista’s Windows Mail, Outlook Express and third party email clients
  • Applicable to Hotmail account types,, and

Accounts Qualifying/Known to Function:

  •  MSN Legacy Pop3( Primary Accounts/SubAccounts – Dialup or Bring Your Own ISP(as of 1997)
  • Windows Live HotMail Plus  – effective Sept 21, 2007
  • All Free Hotmail accounts (e.g. located in the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Worldwide – staged rollout  Jan through Mar 2009)
  • Qwest MSN Premium Accounts (reported by Qwest subscribers in the MSN Newsgroup)
  • MSN Premium Accounts(Dial Up, DSL, and BYO ISP) including Sub-Accounts of an MSN Premium primary account
  • All accounts

Configuration Settings:

  • Incoming Server =
    -Port 995
    -Encryption/Authentication = SSL is required
    -Full Username = (same as full email address, where =, or )
    -Password is required
    -SPA(secure password authorization) = Off(uncheck this option)
  • Outgoing Server =
    -Port 25 or 587 [Note: Preferred Outgoing is Port 587 instead of Port 25 since many ISP’s blocks Port 25 usage. Similar blocking can occur when using Port 25 in hotels or accessing via a WiFi network/hotspot]
    -Outgoing Server Authentication = On(check the option)-Encryption/Authentication = SSL or TLS
    * Choose SSL for Windows Live Mail, Outlook 2003, iPhone, iPod Touch, Outlook Express and Vista’s Windows Mail
    * Choose TLS/Auto for Outlook 2007/2010 (required)
    -Full Username = (same as full email address)
    – unless outgoing server is configured to use same incoming server option
    -Password is required
    – unless outgoing server is configured to use same incoming server option

-> Note: Windows Mail or Outlook may interpret entry of a Hotmail email address(,, or
as an attempt to setup an Http(not Pop3) account.
– If so, enter a false email address e.g. and continue to setup the account.
Once the account is setup, edit the account and correct the email address and username

Pop3/Stmp Access Capability Unknown – due to insufficient information:

  1. Subscription Based:
    – Msn DSL Partner Accounts(Verizon, Bell) – contact your MSN Partner

Comments for Hotmail accounts(,,,

  • Pop3 retrieval by design removes messages from the online web user interface’s Inbox. To retain a copy in the online Inbox ensure the email client is configured to leave a copy of the message on the server.
  • For Pop3 retrieval, if the local email client is not configured to leave the message on the server, the server will place the original copy of the email in the online Deleted folder.
  • The Deleted folder automatically purges messages from the server after 5 days

Additional Information on Hotmail Plus/Hotmail Free accounts:


Feb 2, 2008: Original Published Date

May 1, 2008:  Updated Accounts Qualifying section

May 2, 2008:    Added  Pop3/Stmp Access Capability Unknown section

May 24, 2008:  Windows Live Tags Added

Nov 9, 2008: Added ‘Note’ about use of Port 587 under section ‘Configuration Settings/Outgoing Server’

Nov 19, 2008: Added info on Pop3 access for free Hotmail accounts(early 2009) and Press Kit Fact Sheet(link)

Feb 15, 2009: Updated to correspond with Pop3 Access for free Hotmail Accounts in select countries

Mar 14, 2009: Updated to correspond with Pop3 Access for all free Hotmail accounts ‘Worldwide’

July 20, 2009: Comments section added and purging of messages in web UI Deleted folder after 5 days.

March 12, 2010: Added ‘Note’ workaround if Windows Mail/Outlook interprets Hotmail type email address entry as a non supported Http email address

Oct 28, 2010: Updated reference links to content on Windows Live Solution Center

June 24, 2012: Updated defunct Windows Live links with current Hotmail Help and Support links

August 1, 2012: Updated to include applicability to accounts/email addresses

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