Windows Live Essentials Availability


1. Windows Live Essentials Version 2009 programs

  • Mail
  • Messenger
  • Photo Gallery
  • Writer
  • Movie Maker (only availale on Vista or Windows 7)
  • Family Safety
  • Toolbar

2. Optional Programs

  • Office Outlook Connector(version 12.1)
  • Office Outlook Hotmail Connector beta(version 14 – use with 32bit and 64bit Office Outlook 2010 beta)
  • Office Live Add-in
  • Microsoft Silverlight

3.  Links for the Release Notes, System Requirements, English Language Full and Web Installer version(s)and comments/suggestions.


Release Notes  (recommended reading)

System Requirements (recommended reading)

Full Version Installer (my preference) – English Language version

Web Version Installer– English Language Version

Note: To obtain the installer in another language(ensure you copy the above link, paste in your browser address bar, and then replace the ‘en’ specifier with your specific language code


1. Read the Release Notes

2. Ensure your system meets the System requirements

3. Always Backup your mail, contacts and account settings before installing new/updated software

4.  ***Use*** the Full Version installer(my preference, yours may differ)


Dec 15, 2008: Original Published Date

Jan 10, 2009:  Beta term removed from title(full release versions as of Jan 7, 2009); Movie Maker still a beta

Feb 15, 2009:  Revised due to update to Live Essential programs and new build numbers released on Feb 12, 2009

July 20, 2009: Corrections for typo and punctuation

Sept 1, 2009:  Updated for Windows Live Movie Maker public availability on Aug 18, 2009

March 12, 2010:  Added Outlook Hotmail Connector beta version 14 (recommended for use with Outlook 2010)

Jan 28, 2012: Updated links, content and tags

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