Windows Live Hotmail’s Vacation Replies Option Shut Off

Note:  This article has been superseded by a later article dated November 15, 2010.

  Windows Live Hotmail Vacation Replies Re-Enabled


  • Effective April 8th, 2010 the Windows Live Hotmail vacation reply function
    was shut off due to use of the feature as a mechanism to distribute spam


Windows Team Blog  Entry – April 8th, 2010 @ 6:35 P.M. PST
Compliments of Krish Vitaldevara  – Lead Program Manager, Windows Live Hotmail

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Turning off vacation replies to fight spam in Hotmail

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In our fight against spam, we sometimes have to make hard choices, and we had to make one this week. We discovered that spammers were using Hotmail’s automatic vacation reply feature to send spam from their Hotmail accounts.We decided to temporarily shut off the feature in order to shut down the spam. Of course, we know some of you like and use automatic  vacation replies to let people know when you can’t respond to e-mail for a while, and we’ll turn this feature back on as soon as we’ve worked out the best way to prevent it from being misused by spammers.I apologize to all of you who use this feature for any inconvenience we’ve caused.

Krish Vitaldevara
Lead Program Manager, Windows Live Hotmail



April 9th, 2010: Original Publish Date

Nov 15, 2010: Added note to inform of supersedence by a later article 


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