Windows Live Hotmail Vacation Replies Re-Enabled



  • Effective October 2010 the Windows Live Hotmail ‘Vacation Reply’ function was restored for Hotmail accounts
  • Restoration is based on prior Hotmail usage with an established credibility in the Hotmail system(see ‘Quoted Print’ below’
  • This feature was previously turned off in April 2010 to address spammers use of the feature to distribute spam
  • This article supersedes a previous article dated April 9, 2010


Windows Live Solution Center –  Hotmail Solution Notification

   Quoted Print:


We have now fixed the problem and turned vacation replies back on. As part of the solution, though, we’re limiting it to customers who have been using Hotmail for some time and established credibility in the system.


Additional Information:

To set up an automatic vacation reply:
1. Sign in to the Windows Live Hotmail website at or (both links resolve to the same location)
2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Options, and then click More options.
3. Look under ‘Managing your account’ then click ‘Sending automated vacation replies’.
4. Click ‘Send vacation replies to people who e-mail me’
5. In the provided text box, enter the message you’d like to send while away. To limit responses to your Live Contacts check the provided option ‘Only reply to your contacts’.  Once complete, click ‘Save’.

To turn off an automatic vacation reply:
6. To stop using the vacation reply, repeat above steps 1 through 3 and click ‘Don’t send any vacation replies’  and then click Save.

Note: If the vacation reply feature is enabled, after logging on to your Hotmail account, a notification will be present(at the top of the Inbox)to remind the user to disable(turn off) the feature when no longer warranted.


October 21, 2010: Original Draft date

November 15, 2010: Original Publish date


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