Windows Live Mail 2011 – Options Menu


  • Snapshots of  Windows Live Mail 2011’s ‘Options’ menu and submenus
  • The ‘Options’ menu on the Windows Live Mail Button contains the following submenus
    • Mail (Configuration settings for the program)
    • @E-mail Accounts (Add, Remove, Properties, Set Default, Import, Export for both Mail and News accounts)
    • Newsgroups (Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Reset newsgroups lists)
    • Feeds (Add, Edit, Delete)
    • Safety Options (Configuration for Junk Filter, Safe/Block Senders, Phishing, Security)
  • The ‘Options’ menu and submenus are accessible by mouse or keystroke commands(below)

Windows Live Mail Button Options Menu:

  • Program configuration and setup
    • Keystroke access –> ALT F  O

  • Mail Submenu:
    • Primary menu for configuration of the program’s functionality
    • Individual tabs are present and contain feature specific settings
    • ‘Advanced’ tab contains ‘Maintenance and Troubleshooting’ tools
    • Keystroke access –> ALT F  O  M

  • @ E-mail Accounts Submenu:
    • Applicable to both Mail and News accounts
    • Location to Add, Remove, Edit account(s) properties; Set Default email and news server accounts; Import and Export email and news accounts(*.iaf filetype)
      • Note: Removal of a Pop3 email account deletes the email account and all messages from Windows Live Mail and the user’s hard drive! (i.e. Back-up/Export/Archive before removal of a Pop3 email account)
    • Keystroke access –> ALT F  O  E

  • Newsgroups Submenu:
    • Subscribe or Unsubscribe to newsgroups on a news server account
    • Reset List of newsgroups on news server account
    • Keystroke access –> ALT F  O  N

  • Feeds Submenu:
    • Manage RSS Feeds
    • Add, Edit,  and Delete RSS Feeds
    • Create new folders for additional feed managment
    • Keystroke Access –> ALT F  O  F

  • Safety Options Submenu:
    • Junk Mail Filter settings
    • Add/Edit/Remove Safe Senders email addresses and domains
    • Add/Edit/Remove Blocked Senders email addresses and domains
    • International – Block Top-Level Domain and Encoding
    • Protect Inbox from potential Phishing links and move phishing email for POP/IMAP accounts to the Junk email folder
    • Security – Select security zone(Internet/Restricted), Block Images in HTML email, and configure Secure Mail(Digital IDs)
    • Trust Center (Microsoft Privacy and Service agreements)
    • Keystroke access –> ALT F  O  S


Sept 27, 2010: Original Publish Date (duplicate post on Windows Live Mail 2011 Ribbon GUI)

Dec 5, 2010: Revised Title to Windows Live Mail 2011 – Options Menu

Dec 6, 2010: Revised Content to show Windows Live Mail 2011 ‘Options’ Menu and Submenus

Jan 6. 2012: Updated tags

May 31, 2012: Revised note on Pop3 account removal for better clarity

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