Windows Live Hotmail – Email Forwarding


  • Windows Live Hotmail now provides the ability to forward messages from a Hotmail type account to one other email address
  • Forwarding is possible to another Hotmail type account(email address) or a third party email address
  • Hotmail type accounts are of the form,, etc.(This also includes other country specific derivatives of the same domain(e.g.,,
  • Forwarding is capable from Hotmail, Hotmail Plus, and MSN Premium(primary and subaccounts)
  • Hotmail account holders now have the option to retain a copy of forwarded messages in the Hotmail account’s inbox

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  Thread Title: ‘forwarding my emails from my hotmail account to another email’

2. ‘Live Views’ – by vasudev Windows Live MVP

  Post Title: ‘Forward messages in the New Hotmail to any mail account now available to all – Restrictions removed



  •   1. Sign-in to to access your account.
  •   2. In the upper-right corner of the Windows Live Hotmail home page click Options, then More options on the drop down menu.


  •   3. Under ‘Managing your account’, click ‘Email Forwarding’ to access the forwarding options to add another e-mail account.  One can forward mail to **one** other email account.


  •   4. Click the radio option ‘Forward your mail to another email account’
  •   5. Enter the email address where messages should be forwarded in the dialog box titled ‘Where do your want your messages to be sent?
  •   6. To retain a copy of forwarded messages in your Hotmail Inbox check the item ‘Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Windows Live Hotmail inbox’.
  •   7. Click Save




  • This feature (Hotmail Forwarding) did not receive much publicity from Microsoft or the Windows Live Team. Quite a few internet search engines continue to primarily yield articles stating a Hotmail Plus account is required which (as the July 2010) is no longer correct.
  • Support for Windows Live Hotmail can be obtained  in the Windows Live Solution Center
  • Questions regarding Hotmail ‘Forwarding’ should be posted in the Sending and Receiving Mail Forum



Aug 15, 2010: Draft Version  – which sat in abnormal obscurity in the ‘assumption laboratory’ for too long 😦

Dec 8, 2010 : Original Publish Date  ( Enjoy! <vbg> )

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