Windows Live Profile – Private Message Feature Discontinued


  • Effective April 21, 2011 the ‘Private Message’ option on a user’s (Live ID) Windows Live Profile was discontinued
  • Effective May 2011 the Live Profile Private Message stand-alone page will cease to exist


Information regarding the discontinuance of this feature and a recommendation to copy existing private messages for archival purposes are visible/accessible from the user’s Live ID Profile.

1. Windows Live Profile (when attempting to send a private message to a contact/friend)


2. Windows Live Profile Private Message page



  1. As of April 22, 2011 12:00am PST information on the above noted policy change does not appear to be present on the Windows Live Solution Center ‘Live Profile Portal’
  2. This change does not appear to impact the ability for receiving permissioned ‘Comments’ (Who can contact me) to ‘Messenger Social ‘ updates on the user’s Profile
  3. Contact via email, instant message, or invitation is still available provided the Live ID is permissioned accordingly.
  4. This change (removal of Private Messaging in the web user interface) coincides with the removal of the ability to create and/or reply to ‘Notes’ on a Windows Live Profile. For more detailed information on the  ‘Notes’ see this related article ‘Windows Live Profile – Notes Discontinued


April 22, 2011: Original Published (draft)

April 23, 2011: Published and updated comments to add link for ‘Windows Live Profile – Noted Discontinued’

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