Windows Live Messenger End of Service – Volume 2



Effective April 8th, 2013 Microsoft will begin upgrading customers for Windows Live Messenger to Skype


  1. April 8, 2013 is the first day you may be required to update from Messenger to Skype
  2. Microsoft previously announced that existing Messenger service globally (except mainland China) would be retired effective March 15, 2013. The April 8th date preempts the earlier March 15th date.
  3. Upgrading to Skype using an existing Microsoft account (currently used for Windows Live Messenger) will migrate that same Microsoft account’s Messenger contacts into Skype.
  4. Messenger contacts  ‘Categories and Groups’ ***Do Not*** migrate to Skype
  5. Custom Emoticons (including animated gifs) are not supported in Skype
  6. End of Service in the simplest terms means Windows Live Messenger will cease to function (sign-on with username/password will fail/no longer functions) – i.e. upgrading to Skype is mandatory!


Two recent email notices (Feb 2013 and March 2013) are shown below. 

Note: If you’ve not seen these notices (more than two email reminders have been sent to all Messenger accounts) it might be prudent to look in your email client’s Junk Mail folder

Feb 2013 Notice:


March 2013 Notice:





February 19, 2013: Original Publish Date

March 23, 2013: Updated (added additional email notice)

April 1, 2013: Updated (added Skype Download link)

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