The Microsoft Windows Insider Program-How to Join

Summary:   How to Join the Windows Insider Program for Windows 10


  • A brief overview of the method join the Microsoft Windows Insider Program and install the Windows 10 Insider Program build pre-release software
  • The Windows Insider Program requires Windows 10 to be installed on the device(pc)
  • A Microsoft Account is required



  • Install Windows 10 on your device
  • Main Home Page URL -
  • Join
    • Access the Home page URL
    • Click on ‘Sign In’ option in the upper right corner
    • Sign on by entering a Microsoft Account Username(Email Address) and Password(Required, use an existing Microsoft Account or create one), then click ‘Sign In’


    • Click on the ‘Get Started’ dialog box to initiate the Registration process
    • Read the Program Agreement and the Privacy Statement
    • Accept the terms of agreement for  the Windows Insider Program by checking the provided box(Required)
    • Click Submit to finish the Registration process(Required)


  • Install Windows Insider Program pre-release version/build software
    • To obtain the Windows Insider Program Windows 10 Insider software for your device log on to Windows 10 using the same Microsoft account used to join the Windows Insider Program

    1.  Navigate via the Windows 10 Start Menu to Windows Settings
    2.  Click on Update & Security
    3.  Click on Windows Insider Program option
    4.  On the Get Insider Preview builds screen click Get started.
    5.  Click Next when presented with the Information screen explaining the cautions of using pre-release software and services
    6.  Click Confirm (another cautionary warning if leaving the program and the possibility that Windows will require a reinstallation)
    7.  Restart the PC when prompted
    8.  Upon restart navigate to the Get Insider Preview build screen
    9.  Choose the appropriate Windows Insider Program build ring(Slow or Fast)
    10. Reboot the device and check for o/s updates
    11. When the device is fully enrolled in the Windows Insider Program the desired/chosen build ring will download and install
    12. Restarts will be required during the Insider build installation process

  • Use the Windows Insider Program Feedback Hub(within the Windows 10 installed Insider Build) to provide feedback and view the latest information from the Windows Insider Team
  • Bookmark the Windows Insider Program Blog in your desired browser
  • Contribute and Monitor the Windows Insider Community Forum (Note: Use your registered Windows Insider Microsoft Account to sign in and access)


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July 2, 2016: Initial Draft and Initial Publish Date

August 8, 2016:  Revised content, Added Additional Information section

August 15, 2016:  Revised to reflect changes for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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