Windows Live Mail 2011 – Ribbon GUI


  • Snapshots of the Windows Live Mail Wave 4 Ribbon GUI –  WLM Button  and Tabs
  • The Ribbon contains multiple options/tabs – Windows Live Mail Button,  Four(4) Tabs for use in Mail or News mode(Home, Folders, View, and Accounts), a Calendar Tab(Home), and a Contact Tab(Home)
  • A Quick Access Toolbar is available(like Office) that permits the addition of icons for respective features found on each tab.
  • The Ribbon can be minimized (leaving only the WLM Button, Tabs and Quick Access Toolbar)
  • The Quick Access Toolbar can be hidden
  • The ‘About’ item on the Windows Live Mail Button shows the Build and Version number(s)

Windows Live Mail Button:


  • Click ‘About’ to see your Build and Version number. Optionally the same information can be displayed using a keystroke sequence (ALT F B)

Home Tab:

  •  Mail

  • News

  • Note the Quick Access Toolbar(QAT) on the the bottom of the Ribbon.
    • Items on WLM’s Menu(ALT F) or items on the Ribbon tabs can be added to the QAT by right clicking an item to obtain the context menu’s ‘Add to Quick Access Toolbar’ option. Each item added will appear as an icon on the QAT.
    • Items on the QAT cannot be rearranged thus plan ahead(the item’s position/order from left to right) for ease of use to avoid having relatively common items in different locations(on the QAT).

Folders Tab:

  • Mail

  • News

View Tab:

Accounts Tab:

Calendar Home Tab:

Contacts Home Tab:

 Feeds Tab(s):

  • The Feeds Home Tab is shown.  Three other tabs are available (Folders, View, and Accounts) and contain similar options as those on the Folders, View and Accounts tabs shown above.  Items not applicable to ‘Feeds’ management will not be present or available.


June 4, 2010: Original Publish Date
Sept 11, 2010: Updated to differentiate Mail and News tabs; Added Calendar and Contacts Home tabs
Feb 13, 2011:  Added Feeds Home Tab and note on other tabs present in the Feeds module

Jan 6, 2012: Updated pictures for better resolution

Jun 26, 2012: Updated tags.


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