Expanding Conversation View Settings in Windows Live Mail



How To:

1. Open Windows Live Mail

2. Click Blue button (upper left), Options, Mail, Read tab
– check ‘Automatically expand grouped messages’

3. Click the View tab (tabs are located on the Ribbon to the right of the Blue button))

Suggested settings on the View tab
Filter Messages = Show all
Conversations = On
Sort Order = Descending
Sort by = Sent
Message List = Automatic
Reading Pane = Right of message list and Show header
Calendar pane = Off (setting is a toggle)
Compact View = Off (setting is a toggle)
Storage Folders = On (setting is a toggle)
Status Bar = On (setting is a toggle)



August 3, 2013: Original Draft

September 7, 2013: Original Publish Date

December 7,  2013: Updated to itemize View tab recommended settings

Phishing in the Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail Pond


A variety of email phishing methods are employed in an attempt to harvest Hotmail usernames and  passwords. Phishing attempts may give the impression that the source of the email actually originated from Microsoft.


A phishing attempt is a form of identity theft (an attempt to obtain *your* personal information). The example below shows a fake email message attempt to obtain (phish) your Hotmail username and password.


The message may have been delivered through the Hotmail servers (arriving in your Inbox) but not actually originating from Hotmail or Microsoft.

Inspection of the message’s headers often provides many clues on the source and location of the fake message. The example below highlights (within red triangle)  a few of these clues.


Also of importance the message header’s content may be falsified by the originating phishing source.

How To:

 To view the message source/headers of a message received  in your Hotmail account in the Hotmail web user interface.

  • Single or Double Click on the message (to display it)
  • Look in the upper right of the message for the ‘Reply’ option
  • Click on the downward arrow adjacent and to the right of the ‘Reply’ option
  • Scroll down and select ‘View Message Source’


  1. First and foremost – Be careful out there!  If uncertain, be suspicious.
  2. For additional knowledge and information see these Microsoft articles.

Email and Web Scams: How to help protect yourself


Win the Battle against email fraud


How to recognize phishing email messages, links or phone calls



May 15, 2012:  Draft version

May 21, 2012: Original Publish Date

June 8, 2012: Added comments and ‘view message source’ instructions for the Hotmail web interface

How To Install Windows Live Essentials 2011


Overview and explanation of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 installer’s choices for installing all or selective Windows Live Essentials 2011 applications and optional components on Vista Sp2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 Sp2 R2 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Installation Process and Choices:

The Windows Live Essentials 2011 (WLE 2011) installer will first notify that is it ‘preparing to install’WLE_QFE3_02

Once preparation is complete the installer will provide two installation choices:

  1. Install all of Windows Live Essentials”  = Install ‘Everything’ (a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12 applications and optional programs)
  2. Choose which programs you want to install” = User option to selectively install 1 or more items (Custom mode)


If comfortable with Microsoft’s’ recommendation to ‘Install all’ select the first option, allow the installer to finish until completion and begin using one or more of any application (fyi – upon completion Windows Live Messenger will automatically be loaded)

On the other hand if preferring the ability to decide which applications will be installed (since many users may not need or want the full compliment of included applications) then select the second option ‘Choose the programs you want to install’.

It is extremely important to note that even when choosing the second option all programs are ‘pre-checked’ to be installed (i.e. you must ‘Opt-Out’ of any application or it will be installed).  The graphic below contains additional text added by this writer reiterating the need to ‘Uncheck’ any program in order to prevent installation.


An example of a more typical selection of the six primary WLE 2011 application programs (Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer, and Mesh) is shown below (at least one program must be chosen).


Once the ‘Install’ button is clicked the installation process will provide a ‘completion status’ until ‘Done!’




WLE_QFE3_13  WLE_QFE3_14

Once the installation is ‘Done!’, click the Close Button, Shutdown/Restart (even if not prompted) and start using any of the installed Windows Live Essentials 2011 programs.


  • The Outlook Connector Pack includes the Outlook Hotmail Connector and the Windows Live Messenger Provider for the Outlook Social Connector. The latter is only installed if the Outlook Social Connector is already installed.
  • The Outlook Social Connector is included in Office 2010 and available (as a download) for Outlook 2003/2007.
  • Windows Live Downloads – link to obtain the latest WLE 2011 installer (full or web version)
  • Windows Live Essentials 2011 Version Numbers – link itemizing version numbers for WLE 2011 individual applicationprograms
  • WLE 2011 requires Vista Sp2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 Sp2 R2 or Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
  • WLE 2011 can also be installed on Windows 8 Consumer Preview though prior to installation it is highly recommended to  first enable .NET 3.5 (includes 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5) in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. To enable .NET 3.5  see:  Installing the .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview 
  • This blog article was written due to the large number of questions (always welcomed) received via E-mail and Instant Messaging regarding the applicability/compatibility of installing WLE 2011 as a supplement and/or alternative to the current available Windows 8 Consumer Preview ‘Apps’. Also special thanks to Amber for providing the MSDN Windows 8 .NET 3.5 install link.


March 27, 2012: Original Publish Date

MSN Phasing out Chat and E-mail Support For Subscription Plans



Effective April 30, 2012 MSN will phase out support via Chat and e-mail for MSN subscription (fee-based) customers


Subscriber Notification:

  • Email notice of March 19, 2012


Current Options Impacted:

MSN_SupportEnd_01    MSN_SupportEnd_02



  • Support can be obtained now and in the future in the MSN Solution Centerhttp://answers.msn.com  MSN_SupportAnswersMsnCom_01
  • This change impacts MSN Subscribers (fee based) using MSN Dial-Up or Premium Internet Software Plans
  • The Chat and E-Mail Support options at https://support.msn.com will no longer be available
  • The notification does not mention removal of ‘Customer Service Phone Support’ which is expected to remain available for billing, cancellation etc. purposes

March 19, 2012: Original Draft Date
March 22, 2012: Original Publish Date